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Rhubarb #2228

Fresh rhubarb stalks sold in 1 pound bundles.
Inventory: 34

Hessian Hill Farm
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Frozen Blackcaps #3855

Price per 1.5 lb. Approximately 4 cups, wild blackberries.
Inventory: 96

Buck Hill Farm
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Frozen Elderberries #3854

Price per 1.5 lb. Sufficient amount for 1 pie or a batch of jelly. Approximately 4 cups.
Inventory: 98

Buck Hill Farm
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Pineapple Plant #4416

Pineapple plant. Yes! We grow pineapple plants in Summit. You can to, just put in south facing window. 6.00 dollars plus 48 cents tax.
Inventory: 0

Summit Naturals
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Strawberries #3533

Fresh picked juicy ripe strawberries from our fields. Over flowing quarts for your eating pleasure.
Inventory: 15

Cold Spring Farm
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