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Cowbella Creamery

Contact: Shannon Mason
Address: 157 Danforth Road, Jefferson, NY 12093
Contact Info: 607-652-2814 607-652-7954
Farm Description: Family is at the heart of everything we do on our 7th generation Jersey farm. Even the animals in our 40 cow dairy are treated as extended family, and have been grazing our Catskills pastures since our ancestors founded our farm in 1817. At our farmstead creamery, we use only our own milk to produce butter, yogurt, kefir, and bottled milk- the fruit and maple we use to flavor some of our products is sourced from our neighboring farms. Come visit us or follow our story on facebook to see a true picture of where your food comes from when you choose Cowbella: always with love from our cows, our farm, and our family to you.
Why Local Food Is Important: When you buy locally produced food, you are making a choice that is healthy for you and your family, beneficial to the farmers you support and economically responsible for your whole community. You also have the opportunity to get to know the people and animals behind your food source. We at Cowbella are proud of our animal care practices and encourage people to visit our farm, meet our cows and the rest of our family. Our Cowbella butter and yogurt is made totally from our own cows milk and only natural ingredients, many of which we source from other local farmers. A family member from our seven generation farm works in every aspect of our business, from breeding the cows that have the calves that we raise to turn into cows that we milk to make our products. Happy and healthy cows make better butter and yogurt that will make both your stomach and soul feel good.