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Denises Kitchen

Contact: Denise Misiph
Address: 3112 SR 10 #1, Richmondville, NY 12149
Contact Info: (518)287-1113
Farm Description: Denises Kitchen uses the freshest finest ingredients available; fresh seasonal fruit, local dairy products, imported chocolates, and sources the best quality nuts, dried fruits and select specialty items to create an extensive variety of premium home-baked goodies for all occasions. Taste the love and share the gift. Denises Kitchen is a home-based baking business located in mountainous Summit, New York. We live on land that has been farmed for a number of generations before our time. We have good garden growing space, meadows, woods, flowing mountain waterways, great well water, loads of natural beauty and a good old house accompanied by a generous selection of barns and workshops. Since 2008, my husband and I grow a large variety of vegetables for our own stores with extra to share and turn into value added products. We also tend a young fruit orchard but enjoy the remnants of an old apple orchard. This is wealth!
Why Local Food Is Important: Local food connects us to the earth and to one another. Investing in growing our own food maintains a good conservative economy, sets down roots and gathers wisdom for our future. Besides, food tastes so much better just picked and processed from our gardens and that is a whole lot to set a table over to celebrate together!