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Turkey Feather Farm

Contact: Paula Sinatra
Address: 533 Rosenberg Rd, Sharon Springs, NY 13459
Contact Info: 518-234-1134
Farm Description: Our farm is located in a secluded valley, in the beautiful hills a few miles west of Rte. 10. and south of Sharon Springs. Our sheep spend lazy summers grazing our lush pastures, watching us work to harvest the hay they will eat all winter while cozying up in the barn. The lambs are fully grass-fed and finished on just enough locally produced grain to give them the mild flavor and leanness our customers love. Our lamb is raised as naturally as possible and is healthy and delicious...try some today!
Why Local Food Is Important: Knowing the people who produce the food you eat is a special thing, and helping small family farms to preserve our farming heritage is especially wonderful. Your food shouldnt have to travel hundreds or thousands of miles when it can be produced locally, fresher, and with much better quality!