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The Olde Corner Store

Contact: Joy Heckman
Address: Corner of Rt. 443 & Factory St., Gallupville, NY 12073
Contact Info: 518-872-1610
Farm Description: Dating back to 1834, The Olde Corner Store has been a staple for the hamlet of Gallupville, serving the local community in a variety of ways. After seeing it sit empty for two years we decided to bring it back to life in 2006. We offer the traditional convenience items of milk, bread and eggs, but that is where tradition ends. We are a bulk food store, which means we offer a wide variety of products, including natural and organic, flour, beans, spices, rice and pastas. Our kitchen offers great pizzas, wings, soups, salads and sandwiches. From specialty baking ingredients to dietary aids, health supplements to just plain good and healthy snacks – you’ll find The Olde Corner Store full of surprises. The wonderful surprises we are offering here are our baked goods. Joy loves to bake! From the 100% Whole Wheat and Multigrain Breads, Dinner Rolls to Breakfast Bars, 7 Grain Goodies, to Sesame Seed Cookies, you will find a variety of offerings each week that
Why Local Food Is Important: Buying Local means supporting your neighbors, knowing that you can visit and see how clean the facility is that your products are being made in, and be able to call and ask questions about the products being offered.