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Chickney Eggs

Contact: Brett Carey
Address: 1156 Grovenors Corners Road, Central Bridge, NY 12035
Contact Info: 6077852075 and 607-744-8411
Farm Description: I sell Chickney Eggs for $3.00 by the dozen. I am 15, and was diagnosed with PDDNOS (autism spectrum) when I was 3. When I was 12, I wanted to learn about chickens. So, I asked my mom and she asked the landlord, and he said we could have one or two chickens. I picked them out online, and they came in the mail and there were four chicks who I have raised all by myself. They were a special breed of Italian Brown Leg Horn Chickens. Their names are Skips, she is the biggest one; Farley, she is the smallest one; Falcon, because she looks like a falcon; and Gunther, after a cartoon character. I built their home myself, and give them lots of attention. Their eggs are the most delicious eggs you will ever taste! You can always tell Skips eggs, because they are the biggest ones! The small ones are probably from Farley, but they are the most special, because she is my favorite. Please buy my eggs so I can keep growing my farm.
Why Local Food Is Important: Local produce tastes better, and it is fresher and better for you. Every dollar we spend locally puts three dollars back into the local community! That is great! Because I live in the community and go to the local high school in the community! It helps everyone I know.