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Lous Backyard Hens

Contact: Louie
Address: 2345 STATE ROUTE 7, COBLESKILL, NY 12043-5708
Contact Info: 518-207-6415)
Farm Description: We have Rhode Island Reds that are free range when the weather is favorable as they don't like walking in the snow. My eggs are all large and extra large! varing in the color from light tan to a darker brown.
Why Local Food Is Important: Healthy eggs! Pastured or free range are more nutritional than caged birds or so called non caged birds with hundreds of chickens all in one building. Eggs bought in the shopping stores have been washed in a clorine solution thus removing the so called protective coating known as the bloom, greatly diminishing shelf life. For so fresh eggs the producer can hold eggs for 3momths.befor shipping, the store can hold them another 3. Wonder where the fresh eggs are???