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Grumpy Buffalo Farm LLC

Contact: Timothy Hines
Address: 114 yarrow way, bellefonte, NY 16823
Contact Info: 603-233-9739
Farm Description: The Grumpy Buffalo Farm LLC is a producer of Bison meat and products, located approximately 30 miles west of Albany, NY in close proximity to Howes Caverns. We are located in Richmondville, NY at 169 Harroway Rd. Our animals are free from antibiotics and growth hormones. The animal’s diet includes predominately grass in the summer and hay in the winter. They are supplemented with grain to balance their diet and provide the minerals not readily available in the area. We are a proud participant of the Sharon Springs Farmers Market Follow us on Facebook:
Why Local Food Is Important: Local Farming not only supports the economy in the region however it also provides consumers with more information how their food source is raised and handled. More recently consumers are looking for healthier choices.