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Two Rock Ranch

Contact: Emily VIncent
Address: 78 Turner Road, Berne, NY 12023
Contact Info: 7073647547
Farm Description: Our 60 acres of heaven is located in the Helderberg mountains. We raise lamb for sale most of the year as well as heirloom, organically-grown vegetables. We welcome visits to our farm with an appointment and also arrange day or overnight events for kids and groups like Girl Scouts.
Why Local Food Is Important: Most Americans do not know where their food comes from. Most of our food is genetically modified or sprayed with chemicals. Our meat comes from animals who have been fed questionable foods and chemicals. Some of our meat comes from non-regulated countries and now we even have genetically modified salmon. It is vital that we start questioning where our food comes from. Our farm produces heirloom vegetables and heritage meats. Fed what nature intended and pure artesian Helderberg water. We also sell farm-made items like soaps.