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Slingerland Family Farm

Contact: Joshua Slingerland
Address: 241 HILLTOP ROAD, Greenville, NY 12083
Contact Info: 518-365-7612
Farm Description: Slingerland Family Farm is an innovative local farm established in 2013. We specialize in raising all natural, pasture-based animals in a responsible, ethical and humane manner. All of our animals are 100% hormone and antibiotic free. We utilize environmentally responsible agriculture techniques and methods to produce the highest quality products for the local community in a sustainable fashion. By employing a high-intensity rotational pasture model our animals sanitize their own system which eliminates the need for pesticides. The facilities that we source to process our animals are fully inspected by applicable state and federal agencies.
Why Local Food Is Important: Local food is essential in assuring families and neighbors have access to high quality, nutritious food that is raised in environmentally responsible and humane manners. Further, support of local businesses is crucial to sustain thriving local economies and in maintaining prosperous communities.