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Weathertop Farm

Contact: Kate Miller
Address: Briggs Rd, Sharon Springs, NY 13459
Contact Info: 518 935 0940
Farm Description: Weathertop Farm is a small but growing farm in Sharon Springs, NY. We grow herbs and vegetables that are free of toxic chemicals and fertilizers, and raise pork and chickens on pasture supplemented by organic grain. Our sausages and cold smoked slab bacon are made by an artisan in Vermont who has studied in Italy to learn how to make the best products possible. You will not be disappointed! We welcome your farm visit, please contact us to stop by!
Why Local Food Is Important: Local, healthy food nourishes our bodies, our communities, and our local economies. One of the greatest pleasures in life is sitting down to a meal and knowing exactly where every piece of it came from, and knowing it was grown or raised with care and respect for the land and the animal.