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Hessian Hill Farm

Contact: Elizabeth and Jessica Goblet
Address: 576 Treadlemire Rd, Berne, NY 12023
Contact Info: 518-701-4964 or 491-8267
Farm Description: Hessian Hill farm is run and operated by the Goblet family. Lamb, beef and pork are raised on acres of rolling hills and lush green pastures. Fresh produce like green beans, lettuce, swiss chard and bright red tomatoes are grown in the families 1/2 acre garden. In the fall delicious raspberries can be harvested;giant pumpkins are picked and carved into silly jack-o-lanterns. At Christmas time you can hike across the pasture to pick the perfect Christmas tree. Every season is full of growth and excitement on Hessian Hill Farm. We hope you enjoy our hard work as much as we do!
Why Local Food Is Important: Local growers and producers strive to have fresh produce at the hands of their consumers daily. When you buy local you provide fresh healthy foods to your family, a healthier lifestyle and the lesson of eating right. Buying and eating local is also great for the local economy.