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Elderberry Herb Farm

Contact: Julie Herzog
Address: 579 Engleville Road, Sharon Springs, NY 13459
Contact Info: 518-284-3727
Farm Description: Elderberry Herb Farm is a small family run herb farm in Sharon Springs, NY. We offer hand-crafted organically grown herbal products created here on our farm. We grow and wildcraft a wide variety of herbs used in our products, and what we do not grow is purchased from reliable organic or natural sources. Hand-crafted herbal teas, tea cozies, mulling spices, herbal seasonings, rubs for meat and fish, herbal pillows, potpourri, insect deterrent, salves, catnip toys, pure natural botanical mineral salts and creme parfums are all available year-round.
Why Local Food Is Important: Local food is higher quality, tastes better, is fresher, and more nutritious than food that has been harvested before it is ready and has traveled from far away. Buying local allows you to know your grower and the way in which they grow.