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Buck Hill Farm / Fancy Maple Products

Contact: Sharon Collins
Address: 185 Fuller Road, Jefferson, NY 12093
Contact Info: 607-652-7980
Farm Description: 110 acres on an original dairy farm. 44 acres of maple trees. We are the largest producer of value-added maple products anywhere! We offer delicious local specialty items, such as maple sugar, maple butter, maple caramel popcorn, maple bar b-q sauce, mustard, vinegar, pickles, jams, jellies, fudge, granola, and The Original Hansmanns Pancake mix recipe. Sunday breakfasts served from 8am-1pm. Shop open year round. Call for mailorder 607-652-7980 or visit our website to view and order products.
Why Local Food Is Important: Local food is fresh and seasonal. Spending your money in the community helps our economy grow and creates jobs. Buying local allows us to keep farm land farmable and preserves open space. Most of what you buy at our small farms is minimally treated or organic and is raised in a manner that is healthier for us than the mega farm products available in the supermarket. Buying local minimizes our carbon footprint!